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Blaž Oražem

Informatics Engineer

If at first you don't succeed; call it version 1.0

I'm a professional web developer from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

I primarily develop back end on the LAMP / LEMP stack, I do, however, have more than 12 years of experience with front-end development. I excel at providing superior user interface and user experience.

I currently work at a company specializing in web solutions called spletnaPOSTAJA, where my creativity is daily challenged by interesting and innovative projects.

I'm also an independent contractor for the biggest IT training center in Slovenia, called Housing Co. d.o.o., where I give lectures at various courses and workshops.

My hobbies are discovering new technologies and upgrading my developer skills, playing around with Raspberry Pi and Linux servers, sailing the Adriatic Sea and playing bass guitar.

  • Age : 34
  • Email : blaz@orazem.si
  • Education : Informatics Engineer
  • Location : Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU
  • Website : www.orazem.si
  • Coder Blog : www.numencode.com

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Projects Done

PHP & MySQL Programming

PHP has been my passion since v5.2 and I am still learning new things every day. I'm also proficient with MySQL and DB architecture.

Front End Development

I mainly use Bootstrap, my CSS pre-processors are Sass/Scss and Less and I write my Javascript using the Revealing Module Pattern design.

Laravel 5 Framework

Since the L5 release, I dedicate a lot of my free time to Laravel framework. One of my biggest projects is a CMS called Numencode.

My Projects

My Skills



OOP, SOLID, TDD, Design patterns, PHP5, PHP7, RESTful APIs, Laravel.


Front End

HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, VueJS.



PDO, Eloquent, RedBeanPHP, ADOdb, Sqlite, PhpMyAdmin.


VCS, Tools, TPL Eng.

Git, SVN, Npm, Gulp, Bower, Cmder, Blade, Smarty, Dwoo.



Ubuntu, Raspbian, OwnCloud, Nginx, Apache, SSL, SSH.



PhpStorm, Brackets, Composer, Vagrant, VBox, VMware, Photoshop.

  • Slovenian 100%
  • English 96%
  • German 48%
  • Croatian 82%
  • Serbian 72%
  • Bosnian 70%

Currently not available for Freelance projects.

My Resume

  • Current
  • Housing Co. d.o.o.


    Teaching courses: LAMP Workshop (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP), The Basics of Web programming, Advanced Course on Web programming, Online PHP course for beginners, Advanced online PHP course.

    MAR 2016 to Present
  • spletnaPOSTAJA d.o.o.

    PHP Programmer / PHP Developer

    PHP and MySQL Programming, Laravel & OctoberCMS, Booster (custom framework development), Front-End Web Development, Database Architecture (MySQL).

    APR 2014 to Present
  • Previous
  • noviSplet.com, Atribut d.o.o.

    Web Programmer / PHP Developer

    PHP and MySQL Programming, Front-End Web Development, Client-Side Scripting, Custom CMS Platform Development (noviSpletCMS), Tech support.

    OCT 2007 to APR 2014
  • Astrological Academy Stella

    Project Management

    Student work, administrative work of accounting and book-keeping. Head of the project "Personal astrological calendar".

    SEP 2005 to APR 2007
  • Attended
    and Meetups
  • WebCamp Ljubljana 2017

    22. APR 2017

    Location: Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ljubljana | Info »

  • PHP-SI meetup #5

    23. FEB 2017

    Location: D.Labs, Ljubljana | Info »

  • DevOps Meetup: Continuous delivery

    01. FEB 2017

    Location: Poligon, Ljubljana | Info »

  • JS Meetup: November 2016 JSmeet

    21. NOV 2016

    Location: Poligon, Ljubljana | Info »

  • CSS Meetup: #2016:last-child()

    14. NOV 2016

    Location: Poligon, Ljubljana | Info »

  • DevOps Meetup: Introduction to Kubernetes

    10. NOV 2016

    Location: Poligon, Ljubljana | Info »

  • Webcamp Zagreb 2016

    28. & 29. OCT 2016

    Location: Hypo Expo XXI, Zagreb | Info »

  • DevOps Meetup: Secret Management & Lua + Nginx in the cloud

    01. JUN 2016

    Location: Poligon, Ljubljana | Info »

  • Majski PHP Meetup

    10. MAY 2016

    Location: Poligon, Ljubljana | Info »

  • DevOps Meetup: /sbin/init

    15. MAR 2016

    Location: Poligon, Ljubljana | Info »

  • WebCamp Ljubljana 2016

    12. MAR 2016

    Location: Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ljubljana | Info »

  • CSS Meetup: #2016:first-child()

    10. FEB 2016

    Location: Poligon, Ljubljana | Info »

  • 2nd PHP meetup

    09. OCT 2014

    Location: Poligon, Ljubljana | Info »

  • Third WordPress Meetup Ljubljana

    22. MAY 2014

    Location: Kiberpipa, Ljubljana | Info »

  • Second WordPress Meetup Ljubljana

    13. MAR 2014

    Location: Kiberpipa, Ljubljana | Info »

  • PHP Meetup

    12. DEC 2013

    Location: Kiberpipa, Ljubljana | Info »

My Process

  1. Discussion

    Let's talk about your needs and wishes. You prepare the questions and I provide the answers and my expert advice.

  2. Template

    Together we find the best possible web design template for your needs and talk about the necessary modifications.

  3. Implementation

    I personalize the chosen template according to your wishes and prepare a static HTML web page.

  4. Review

    It is up to you to review your new website and forward any additional changes to me.

  5. CMS

    I implement a Content management system on your webpage for easy content insertion.

  6. Content

    I show you how to work with CMS and we fill the page with your desired content.

  7. Deliver

    Once all is done, I publish the website on a public domain of your choice (e.g. yourcompany.com).

Get in touch

Ljubljana, Slovenia


My coder blog at numencode.com.